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What is Jewish?  Who is a Jew?  What do Jews believe?  Each of these are questions which are not simple to answer.   The Jewish people have existed for thousands of years, lived on every continent, and are comprised of almost every ethnicity known to humanity.  In the context of our local Jewish community and its relationship to this organization the place to start is with religion.  Mt. Sinai Synagogue is not affiliated with any movement within Judaism.  It is an officially unaffiliated institution which endeavors to be welcoming to all Jews and others who desire to learn more about Judaism or connect with the local Jewish community.
For the most up to date information about Judaism as it is practiced in this community look at the Mt. Sinai Synagogue website.
Not surprisingly there are multiple expressions of Judaism within even the local Jewish community.   Many of those facets have national organizations that offer a wealth of information about their perspectives on Judaism.  Some of the major organized groups within Judaism that are part of the local Jewish community are:
Possibly the largest grouping of American Jews are those who do not see themselves as part of any specific denomination or movement within Judaism. 
We wish to respect the right of our member religious communities to define who is and is not a member of their faith.  With that in mind, we point out the most if not all established, mainstream movements within Judaism and especially the local Cheyenne Jewish Community have taken a clear position that a person who embraces the tenets of another faith such as believing in the Divinity of Jesus, is a Christian, not a Jew.  Just as it is not for the Jewish Community to decide who is a Christian, it is not for the Christian Community to decide who is a Jew.  Therefore people who call themselves "Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews, Completed Jews" or any other similar euphemisms are not recognized as Jews by the Cheyenne Jewish Community nor are they the focus of this webpage.  In a similar vein we do not have webpages for Brahman Baptists, Hindu Hutterities, Mohmmedan Methodists, or any other such paradoxes.  No judgement is being made against any such group.  It would just be misleading to include them here in a resource about Judaism as it is practice by the Cheyenne Jewish Community.   For people who want to delve deeper in to the issue of Jews who embrace other faiths and the religious status of such people more information can be found at Jews for Judaism.