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Useful Jewish websites & Links


http://urj.org/index.cfm Homepage  for Union for Reform Judaism, formerly, Union of American Hebrew Congregations


http://ccarnet.org/   Homepage for Central Conference of American Rabbis


http://ccarnet.org/resp/    Reform Responsa: These Reform responsa provide answers to questions about Reform Judaism and Jewish living.


http://www.clickonjudaism.org/ URJ-CCAR Commission on Outreach and Membership website


http://huc.edu/index.shtml  Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion



http://www.uscj.org/ Homepage for The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism


http://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/indexfl.html Homepage for the Rabbinic Assembly


http://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/law/teshuvot_public.html Rabbinic Assembly Teshuvot (Responsa) available on-line


http://www.jtsa.edu/   Jewish Theological Seminary


http://www.jrf.org/   Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

http://www.therra.org/ Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association

http://www.rrc.edu/site/c.iqLPIWOEKrF/b.1453735/k.90AF/RRC_Home_Page.htm Reconstructionist Rabbinical College


http://www.ritualwell.org/ Ritual Well – an on-line Reconstructionist resource



http://www.ou.org/   Orthodox Union

http://www.aish.com/ an Orthodox website (although it purports to be for Jews of all backgrounds – it is mostly Orthodox in its outlook and sources – just look at the “Ask the Rabbi” responses)  with many resources and links


http://dailyhalacha.com/ a resource for free audio downloads of learning a little halacha daily from an Orthodox perspective


https://www.aleph.org/start.taf  ALEPH – Alliance For Jewish Renewal is part of  The Jewish Renewal Movement and if facilitating the rabbinic studies of one of our lay leaders at Mt. Sinai, also see


https://www.aleph.org/faq.htm for more about the Renewal Movement and some of its positions

http://www.pnaior-phila.org/ P’nai Or – Children of the Light


http://www.yesodfoundation.org Yesod Foundation – A resource for ongoing teaching from Rabib Zalman Schachter-Shalomi


http://jewsbychoice.org/ is a Trans-Denominational grassroots, peer run, group blog focused on providing Jews by Choice (as well as other interested parties) with opportunities for exploring, discussing and engaging with Jewish Identity, Tradition and Culture.


http://jworld.famillion.com/worldwide-family/general2/company_search_tree.php?U=no&SiteName=danaus&NewNameMade=23610  a free usage website for genealogy research – requires free registration


http://www.jewishgen.org/  JewishGen®, Inc. is the primary internet source connecting researchers of Jewish genealogy worldwide –  there is at least some free usage with registration


http://www.ajrca.org/alumni/index.shtml Academy of Jewish Religion in California (this is where the Rabbi for the Synagogue in Greeley, CO graduated, and where Rabbi Arinna Shelby came from).



http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/index.jsp  Free Net access to Jewish Encyclopedia


http://www.mtsinaicheyenne.org/history.asp Our website


http://www.laramiejewishcommunitycenter.org/ Laramie Jewish Community Website


http://www.jewishcasper.org/  Temple Beth El – Casper, WY


http://www.jhjewishcommunity.org/ Jackson Hole Jewish Community


http://www.ijn.com/ Intermountain Jewish News online


http://www.ijn.com/synagogu.htm  IJN – Online Synagogue Directory


http://www.templeorhadash.org/  Temple Or Hadash – Ft. Collins, CO


http://www.congregationharshalom.org/ Congregation Har Shalom, Ft. Collins CO


http://www.bethisraelcolorado.org/ Beth Israel Congregation, Greeley, CO





http://www.hechshers.info/shapes/index.htm  A website with listing of Hechshers sorted by design, answering the question of “By whose rabbinic authority is this product being called kosher?”

http://www.kashrusmagazine.com/ Kashrus Magazine On-line with some limited utility for nonsubscribers


http://www.hebcal.com/  Single Best website for issues about the Jewish Calendar


http://www.tichnut.de/jewish/ Free Jewish Calendar Software that is well supported



Free Jewish Calendar Software for individuals

http://foundationstone.com.au/ Foundation Stone a Free On-line Resource for studying Hebrew and more


http://www.yiddishdictionaryonline.com/ On-line Yiddish Dictionary


http://www.mayyimhayyim.org/ Mayim Hayim an organization which operates and does extensive education about mikveh


http://www.ou.org/holidays/calendar#mikvas the official OU Mikveh locator (Beta Test Edition)


http://www.kosherdelight.com/MikvaotUSA.shtml Mikveh locator


http://www.sulis.net/words_of_peace.htm  not specifically Jewish but more of a “Rosetta Stone” for finding words in multiple languages – this will open up with peace

http://www.tentofabraham.org/ Tent of Abraham, Hagar and Sarah  – dedicated to helping to make peace between Jews, Muslims and Christians


http://urj.org/muslimdialogue/  URJ – ISNA jointly sponsored program – Children of Abraham: Jews and Mulsims in Conversation  and  http://www.isna.net/Interfaith/pages/Children-of-Abraham.aspx is the companion link from ISNA (Islamic Society of North America)


http://urj.org/opendoors/ URJ Interfaith Curriculum for improved  understanding between Jews and Christians


http://www.jewsingreen.com/ Jews in Green –  Jewish Chaplains Council, a resource for Jews in military service and Jewish families with loved ones in military service


http://www.bikurcholimcc.org/index.html A great resource for Bikur Cholim


http://www.jewish-funerals.org Kavod v’Nichum  and functionally the North American Chevra Kadisha Society Website


http://www.synagogue3000.org/index.html Synagogue 3000 - resources for synagogue and Jewish community development



Non-Web resources for further study:


The Essence of Judaism (1965) Leo Baeck, Schocken Books.


Judaism Development and Life [2nd Ed. or newer] (1980’s), Leo Trepp, Duxbury.


Judaism (1973) Isadore Epstein, Pelican.


Jews, God and History (1990’s or newer Ed.), Max Dimont, Signet.


Service of the Heart: A guide to the Jewish Prayer Book (1978 or newer), Evelyn Garfiel, Wilshire Books.


My People’s Prayer Book – Traditional Prayers Modern Commentaries in 7 volumes (1997), Lawrence Hoffman, Jewish Lights Press.


The Art of  Public Prayer: not for clergy only (1990’s), Lawrence Hoffman,  Jewish Lights Press.


Days of Awe,  Shmuel Yosef  Agnon  (1965) Schocken Books.


A Rabbinic Anthology (1974) C.G. Montefiore & H. Loewe, Schocken Books


 Sayings of the Fathers (Pirke Avot), (1945), Joseph Hertz, Berhman House.


To Pray as a Jew: A Guide to the [Orthodox] Prayer Book and the [Orthodox] Synagogue Service (1980) Hayim Halevy Donin, Basic Books Inc.


Gates of the Seasons: a Guide to the Jewish Year (1983) CCAR Press


Seasons of Our Joy: a modern Guide to the Jewish Holidays (1990) Arthur Waskow, Beacon Press


The Jewish Holidays: a Guide and Commentary (1985), Michael Strassfeld, Harper & Row


The Sacred Books of the Jews (1968) Harry Gersh, Stein & Day.


Profiles in American Judasim: The Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Reconstructionist Traditions in Historical  Perspective (1985) Marc Lee Raphael, Harper & Row.
Not Jewish, but related are some sects who are known as Samaritans and Karaites each with their own set of practices.  While the Kataites seem to be accepted by some rabbinic authorities, it is not a situation of universal acceptance.   As far as the local Jewish community is concerned, the status of people professing such beliefs is one which would be done on an individual basis by the local rabbi and Ritual and Liturgy Committee.