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Rabbi Arinna Shelby

As the Rabbi for Mt. Sinai Synagogue until the end of January 2010, she was the official representative of Cheyenne Jewish community for most things.  Until then synagogue was able to provide for her being in Cheyenne only on a part time basis.  Her travel schedule between her home in Los Angeles and Cheyenne made it almost impossible for Rabbi Moon to attend CIC meetings.  Presently, Mt. Sinai Synagogue does not have a Rabbi or Cantor.  It is entirely lay lead.
Historically, the CIC Representative from Mt. Sinai Synagogue has not been the Rabbi or Cantor, rather it was a member of the Mt. Sinai community because until Rabbi Shelby *(Moon) was hired in early 2008 by the synagogue, there was no rabbi for Mt. Sinai Synagogue for almost 20 years.  For now, the Cheyenne Jewish Community is back to the situation which existed before we were blessed by Rabbi Shelby's presence.   She gave her full support in building good interfaith relations through the efforts of the CIC.
More information about her can be found at the following link:  Rabbi Arinna Moon 
*Note: Rabbi Moon was married on January 3, 2010 to Andy Shelby and now goes by the name Rabbi Arinna Shelby.