History of the Organization

Originally formed as the CMA (Cheyenne Ministerial Association) in 1972 as a non-profit corporation registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State, became "inactive" in 1995 1980-000117292 , and re-organized, then re-filed in 1999.
The present organization is listed as entity 1999-000343749 and remains in "good standing."
Early in the organization's history is helped create the COMEA House, a shelter for homeless people as an interfaith effort to address one aspect of poverty in Cheyenne.  The link below provides a partial history of that effort and illustrates just one of many examples of the good that can be done when people of faith work together to improve our community.
March 2000 the Cheyenne Ministerial Association sponsored in conjunction with the Pastoral Care Department of United Medical Center (now Cheyenne Regional Medical Center) a workshop on domestic violence. The workshop was held at UMC East in the chapel, 65 people attended. The speaker for the workshop was the Rev. Al Miles a nationally known author and activist in the elimination of domestic violence.
In 2001 the CMA appointed Rev. Patrick Bradley as their representative to the Wyoming Governor's Domestic Violence Elimination (DoVE) Council.
Jan. 20, 2003 WTE reports - Alliance celebrates MLK holiday
In 2007 the CMA voted to change its name to become known as the Cheyenne Interfaith Council (CIC) so that it would be clearer that the organization's purpose is to serve as a place of participation and understanding for people of all faiths, not just Christian organizations.  In other words it "aspires to be truly Interfaith and not just Ecumenical."
Participated in the International Day of Peace Vigil 2008  with "At least 6 different groups (Bahá'i, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Unitarian Universalist, Muslim) ... participating in a peace awareness event at the Lion's Park Amphitheater... .  WTE Story - Cultures unite for Day of Peace  Press Release
June 13, 2010 1st Annual Cheyenne Interfaith Council Picnic -  from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM at the North Shade (by the Swimming Pool) at Lions Park. 
September 11, 2010  In the week leading up to the 9th anniversary of the attacks on our country by terrorists, we as Americans saw something occurring by a vociferous minority which was as equally vile and repugnant to most Americans, especially those who work together to build interfaith understanding.  Ugly hateful attacks on Muslims and their sacred text, The Holy Koran were becoming more shrill and threatening.   When there was insufficient time and means to poll all of the members of the Cheyenne Interfaith Council, its executive board made a courageous stand to take an official position of support of religious tolerance and interfaith respect.  It not only took its public stand but officially endorsed an event organized by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne in protest against those who threatened to burn The Holy Koran, in Florida and on the steps of our State Capitol.  The details of that historical record are too large to place on this page so a separate one was created just for part of this organization's history.   That page can be found at the link below:
September 21, 2010  International Day of Peace sponsored by the Cheyenne Interfaith Council - at Noon, at the Wyoming State Capitol Rotunda - Press Release  UN/A/RES/36/67   Also see:  www.internationaldayofpeace.org
From Channel 5 News - Cheyenne:
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Video: Cheyenne Celebrates International Day of Peace

Interfaith Peace Sculpture on the September 11, 2011, various faith communities gathered together to remember the horrible events of a decade earlier and console our community at the State Capitol.  As part of that remembrance, a variety of objects were given by numerous faith communities and others to local artist Forrest King to combine in to an Interfaith Peace Sculpture which was presented to the public 10 days later at the Interfaith Observance for the International Day of Peace.   Details about the sculpture, the artist, and the events which lead to the creations of this art can be found on the Interfaith Peace Sculpture webpage.

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