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Interfaith Efforts to Foster Peace in the Middle East

Most people are unaware of the numerous interfaith efforts to make peace in the middle east.   Jews, Muslims, and Christians, as well as others are working together in many organizations.   The listings below are made to help raise awareness of these efforts not as an endorsement by this organization of any specific group or organization on this page.   The page reflects the reality of the statement: "We don't need to make peace with our friends, we must make peace with our enemies."    

Test yourself.  There are 61 different organizations listed here.  How many of them you know about?  And, of them how many are you supporting?  

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Israeli & Palestinian Peace Sites:

·         The Adam Institute develops and implements programs that promote education for democracy and peace, civic education and methods of conflict resolution.

·         The Association of Forty  (English, Arabic, Hebrew)  The association for the recognition of the Arab Unrecognized Villages in Israel

·         Association Israel - Palestine   A French language site, which works to help discover Palestinian / Israeli histories and memories to create better knowledge in order to build Peace in the Middle-East.

·         Bat Shalom A feminist peace organization of Israeli women. We work toward a just peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors that includes recognition of a Palestinian state side-by-side with Israel and Jerusalem as the capital of both. Within Israel, Bat Shalom works toward a more just and democratic society shaped equally by men and women."

·         Beit Hagefen - Arab - Jewish Cultural Center  (English, Arabic, Hebrew) A municipal, national and international center, founded in 1963 to create a meeting place for social and cultural encounters between Jews and Arabs and to encourage and promote understanding and coexistence. 


·       Blood Relations  "The Israeli - Palestinian conflict has been going on for over 60 years. To date, the political leaders have failed in reaching a diplomatic solution to create a sense of closeness between the two nations.  After sixty years of blood loss, it is time to give blood.  Could you hurt someone who has your blood running through their veins?"

·         The Bridge: Jewish and Arab Women for Peace in the Middle East - working hard but quietly, to promote women and peace in the Middle East, and in the entire global village. 

·  B'TselemThe Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories 


·   Center for Religious Tolerance Our global future depends on our ability to live and work harmoniously across racial, ethnic, religious, cultural and national boundaries. All over the world, people find themselves targets of religious discrimination, hatred and violence. We work to overcome separation and difference by seeking what is common among different faiths and traditions. Our aim is to build a peaceful future by honoring and respecting our shared humanity.


·         Christian Peacemaker Teams  CPT Hebron has maintained a violence reduction presence in Hebron since June of 1995 at the invitation of the Hebron Municipality.

We are a group of Israeli and Palestinian individuals who were actively involved in the cycle of violence in our area. The Israelis served as combat soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces and the Palestinians were involved in acts of violence in the name of Palestinian liberation.
We all used weapons against one another, and looked at each other only through weapon sights; however today we cooperate and commit ourselves to the following:

  • We no longer believe that the conflict can be resolved through violence 

  • We believe that the blood bath will not end unless we act together to terminate the occupation and stop all forms of violence. 

  • We call for the establishment of a Palestinian State, alongside the State of Israel. The two states can exist in peace and security one by the other. 

  • We will use only non violent means to achieve our goals and call for both societies to end violence.

·         German-Israeli Working Group for Peace in the Middle East (German) -Oriented towards the right of self-determination of both peoples, the Jewish-Israeli and the Palestinian-Arab, The "German-Israeli Working Group for Peace in the Middle East" sees one of its main concerns in supporting the political forces for compromise on both sides of the conflict.

·         Du Kium:  The Negev Coexistence Forum (English, Hebrew, Arabic) Its aim is to provide a framework for Jewish-Arab collaborative efforts, in the struggle for equal rights and the advancement of mutual tolerance and co-existence.

·         Galim  (Hebrew, for children)  "To Live together, to get to know the other"

·         Gush Shalom (English, Hebrew, Arabic) A non-partisan and extra-parliamentary grass roots movement, whose aim is to influence public opinion.  Gush Shalom is composed of Jews and Arabs, Independents as well as members of political parties and other organizations.

·         Hand in Hand:  The Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel  Bringing a revolutionary vision to Israeli education: integrated, bilingual schools where Jewish and Arab children learn together, helping their families and communities live together.

·         Har Homa - on Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian Confederation

·         The House of Hope International Peace Center  Functions both as a model for peace dialogue and source of inspiration to people all over the world.  Our goal is to promote a peaceful way of human co-existence in the sharing of this planet. 

·  Interfaith Peace Builders fosters a network of informed and active individuals who understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the United States’ political, military, and economic role in it. To build and nurture such a network, we lead delegations of people from diverse backgrounds to Israel/Palestine. These delegations emphasize listening to and learning from those immersed in the reality of the conflict, and advancing the work of Israelis and Palestinians committed to nonviolent struggle and peace with justice. We seek to empower delegates to educate their local communities and the media, counter unfair or inaccurate stereotypes, and advocate for a more just US foreign policy that:
  • actively promotes civil, political and human rights
  • affirms political self-determination for Palestinians and Israelis
  • fosters economic and environmental sustainability in the region
  • supports a diplomatic resolution to the conflict rather than one imposed by force of arms.

 ·         The Israeli Committee Against Housing Demolitions  Organizing non-violent resistance to house demolitions, land expropriations and settlements. Advocating the end of the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.


·         The Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (ICIPP) Formed in late 1975 by a group of prominent Israeli Zionists as a private Israeli initiative in response to signs of moderation that they perceived in the Palestinian national movement and that the Israeli Government seemed intent on ignoring.

·         Ittijah (English, Arabic) The network for Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Israel.

Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group
30 Jews, Palestinians and supportive others dedicated to meeting monthly in each others living rooms, hearing one anothers stories, practicing compassionate listening, and envisioning our shared future. Seek to promote a model for healing, creativity, and cooperation for Palestinians and Jews in Israel and Palestine, and for other peoples worldwide. 


Jewish Voice for Peace All people of the Middle East deserve the right to democratic participation and equality within their societies, regardless of religion, ethnicity, culture, national origin, language, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or other status.

Israel must cease its use of military force against Palestinian civilians, including attacks involving American-supplied
F-16s and Apache helicopters. Moreover, Israel must stop land seizures; destruction of homes, infrastructure, orchards and farms; arbitrary arrests and imprisonment; torture; assassinations; expulsions; curfews; travel restrictions; abuse at checkpoints; raids; collective punishment; and other violations of human rights.

Palestinians must stop suicide bombings and other attacks on Israeli civilians.

The international community must support Palestinian efforts to promote democracy and human rights, while understanding that this aim cannot be fully achieved under occupation.

Racism and bigotry cannot be tolerated, whether in the U.S. or abroad, whether against Arabs or against Jews. 

·         Kav La'Oved (English, Hebrew)  A non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of the most disadvantaged workers in Israel, primarily: migrant workers, Palestinians from the occupied territories, personnel company employees, and new immigrants.

·         The Middle East Children's Peace Alliance  A non-governmental organization working for peace and justice in the Middle East focusing on Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Iraq. Works to insure the human rights of all people in the region, especially focusing on the rights of children.

·         Nakba in Hebrew (Hebrew, English, Arabic) A group of Israelis who aim to raise awareness to the tragedy and suffering of the Palestinian people, particularly among the Jewish population of Israel.

·         Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development  Established in 1998 with a view to promote peace and development focused on the centrality of the civil society: the voluntary, people-centered, non-governmental groups and organizations who seek to work with each other on the issues of conflict-resolution and the advance of sustainable human development.

·         Netivot Shalom - Oz ve Shalom  Founded in 1975 in order to present an alternative expression of religious Zionism. It is committed to promoting the ideals of tolerance, pluralism, and justice, concepts which have always been central to Jewish tradition and law.

·         New Profile (English, Hebrew) Israeli anti-militarism site. 

·    OneVoice to End the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict   OneVoice is an international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives toward the two-state solution. The movement works to forge consensus for conflict resolution and build a human infrastructure capable of mobilizing the people toward a negotiated, comprehensive and permanent agreement between Israel and Palestine that ends the occupation, ensures security and peace for both sides, and solves all final-status issues in accordance with international law and previous bilateral agreements. The 1967 borders form the basis for the establishment of an independent, viable Palestinian state, with permanent borders and any modifications to be agreed upon by both parties. The movement recognizes that violence by either side will never be a means to end the conflict. 

·         Open House - Ramle  founded in 1991 to further peace and coexistence among Israeli Arabs and Jews in this mixed city of 65,000 residents.

·         The Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) Established to meet the need to promote a just and equitable peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

·         Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center (Wi'am)  In Arabic means "cordial relationships". The Center helps to resolve disputes within the Palestinian community by complementing the traditional Arab form of mediation, called Sulha, with Western models of conflict resolution.

·         Palestinians and Israelis for Nonviolence (PINV)  Made up of people who believe the conflict in the Middle East and its causes are best addressed through nonviolent activism by the two peoples.

·         Partners for Peace - Voice of the Copenhagen Group - Arab-Israeli movement which aims to promote peace in the Middle East. News, opinions, documents and articles on the Middle East peace process.

·         The Parents' Circle - Families Forum Seeks to solve the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians through dialogue and mutual understanding. Members are Palestinians and Israelis who have lost loved ones in the conflict.

·         Peace Alliance   Jewish-Palestinian group based in Israel.   Its broad aims are equality of Israeli citizens and the promotion of cooperation with the Palestinian residents of the territories.

·         Peace (on Ariga) A Middle East Dialogue Group

·         PEACE NOW Is open to any and all persons dedicated to the struggle for a peaceful, just and lasting end to the Arab-Israeli conflict. We believe that security, human dignity and a promising future can only come through peace. Also: Americans for Peace Now

·         Peace Trips to Gaza   Israeli's meet their neighbors - Hagit Raanan's peace trips to Gaza

·         PeaceWatch Ariga's news and wiews from the Middle East.

·         Peace and Democracy Forum

·         The Peres Center for Peace A non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Nobel laureate Shimon Peres. The Center's mission is to contribute to the building of an infrastructure for peace in the Middle East that promotes socio-economic development, while advancing cooperation and mutual understanding.

·         Pieces for Peace  More than 150 Palestinian and Israeli youth have met over the last 3 years to create 330 square feet of mosaic.

Place for Peace  A place where you can freely share your views about the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process. All users are welcome to sign-up and participate in our polls, post articles, links and comment on material contributed by others. This is an interactive site where your views cross all boundaries. (IPCRI site)      


·  Rachel Corrie Peace & Justice Foundation The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice is a grassroots, 501(c)3 non-profit organization that conducts and supports programs that foster connections between people, that build understanding, respect, and appreciation for differences, and that promote cooperation within and between local and global communities. The foundation encourages and supports grassroots efforts in pursuit of human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice, which we view as pre-requisites for world peace. Continuing the work begun and envisioned by our daughter, Rachel Corrie, our initial emphasis has been on Israel/Palestine.


·         Rapprochement   The Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement Between People - Beit Sahur 


·  A place for Palestinians, Israelis, Jews and Arabs throughout the world to meet, dialogue, and form personal connections. We believe that understanding and reconciliation requires honest and heartfelt communication. All people of good will, including Palestinians, Jews and others who want to help resolve our conflict are welcome.

·         Sabeel Center - Palestinian Center for Liberation Theology

·         Seeking Common Ground Seeking Common Ground (SCG) was founded in 1993 with the goal of helping young people—the next generation of leaders—to see the humanity in the ‘other’ in order to approach conflict resolution from a place of greater empathy, connection, and inclusion. Through integration, socialization, communication, and leadership development, participants of SCG programs gain the skills to become agents for social change in their home communities and beyond. SCG’s 2009 report, Building Bridges for Peace: A Report on Theory, Best Practices and Evaluation after Fifteen Years, demonstrates overwhelmingly that the research-based and field-tested methods used are effective. All other SCG programs are predicated on the flagship Building Bridges for Peace program.


·         Seeds of Peace (USA)  "Building Peace in the Middle East One Friend at a Time"

·         Seruv (Hebrew, English) Israeli Army Officers who refuse to serve the occupation. 

·         Shatil The New Israel Fund's Empowerment and Training Center for Social Change Organizations in Israel.  (More comprehensive site in Hebrew  or  Arabic)

·         Sikkuy - The Association for the Advancement of Equal Opportunity established in 1991 with the aims of enhancing civic equality for the Arab Citizens of Israel as well as the development of citizen identity as one shared by all Israeli citizens. 

·         Ta'ayush  Arab-Jewish Partnership (English, Hebrew) Group working actively to arrange contributions to Palestinian families, and organizing solidarity and protest activities.


The Impossible Brief

For 60 years nobody has cracked it.  It’s been waiting for a great creative mind like yours.  Up to the challenge?  Objective - To break down the barriers between two nations that for a long time have been physically close, yet mentally worlds apart. 


·    Tree of Life Foundation The Tree of Life is a Sacred Symbol for many cultures. It reminds us that all of creation is deeply interrelated and interconnected. World peace and harmony depend on our realization of this truth.  It is a reminder that we do not live in an “an orchard” separate from one another, but all spiritual traditions are branches on the same tree — The Tree of Life — each drawing nourishment from the goodness of God’s Creation.  This is especially critical in the Holy Land where so many faith traditions share that sacred place.

·         UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees)

·         Windows - Channels for Communication

·         Women in Black Unofficial site for this veteran Israeli peace group.

·         Women's Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)  established in May 1988 with the objective of helping female political prisoners who struggle against the occupation.


Shalom, Salaam, Peace.
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