June 2010 through May 2011

“Bringing hope and understanding to our community as we respectfully embrace our diverse sense of sacredness.”

Council Officers for the fiscal year June 2010 - May 2011
President - Rev. Kurt Borgaard 

Vice President - Rev. Rick Veit 
Treasurer - Doug Fowler
Co-Secretaries - Mohamed Salih  and Jeff Weinstein

For 2010-2011 - Listed in order of date
Our meetings will begin at promptly at 7:30am and conclude by 8:30am. Additional programs after some of the meetings may occur on an individual location basis.
September 14, 2010    Mt. Sinai Synagogue
December 21, 2010 Holy Trinity Manor
January 18, 2011  Unity Missionary Baptist
March 15, 2011   St. Marks Episcopal Church
April 19, 2011  Cheyenne Veteran's Medical Center Chapel
May 17, 2011 Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne Please note:  This is a brown bag lunch meeting which will be at 11:30 AM instead of the usual time.  This meeting will include the annual election of officers.
Council Officers for June 2011 - May 2012 as elected by the membership at the meeting on May 17, 2011
President - Rev. Rodger McDaniel

Vice President -  Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman 
Treasurer - Doug Fowler
Co-Secretaries - John Peacock  and Jeff Weinstein
 Other Events
Many of these events were organized by our member faith communities.  We work to support our various faith communities by participating as much as possible.  Events organized by the Cheyenne Interfaith Council are identified as such.

 June 13, 2010 1st Annual Cheyenne Interfaith Council Picnic -  from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM at the North Shade (by the Swimming Pool) at Lions Park. 
September 11, 2010  In the week leading up to the 9th anniversary of the attacks on our country by terrorists, we as Americans saw something occurring by a vociferous minority which was as equally vile and repugnant to most Americans, especially those who work together to build interfaith understanding.  Ugly hateful attacks on Muslims and their sacred text, The Holy Koran were becoming more shrill and threatening.   When there was insufficient time and means to poll all of the members of the Cheyenne Interfaith Council, its executive board made a courageous stand to take an official position of support of religious tolerance and interfaith respect.  It not only took its public stand but officially endorsed an event organized by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne in protest against those who threatened to burn The Holy Koran, in Florida and on the steps of our State Capitol.  The details of that historical record are too large to place on this page so a separate one was created just for part of this organization's history.   That page can be found at the link below:
September 21, 2010  International Day of Peace sponsored by the Cheyenne Interfaith Council - at Noon, at the Wyoming State Capitol Rotunda - Press Release  UN/A/RES/36/67   Also see: www.internationaldayofpeace.org

January 9, 2011  First Christian Church  (Disciples of Christ) is celebrating its 85th Anniversary
January 16, 2011  Religious Freedom Day  
Guidebook for teachers and event planners: 
Religious Freedom Day is the anniversary of the passage, January 16, 1786, of the Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom. Thomas Jefferson drafted the legislation and considered it one of his greatest achievements. 
Coincidentally, it is a day after January 15, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s  birthday, so many schools and communities observe only the 
MLK Day/Equality Day (as it is known in Wyoming) or "Diversity Day"  as some other places call it.   Passed in 1990-Wyoming Celebrates Centennial. Legislature designates Martin Luther King, Jr./Wyoming Equality Day as a legal holiday (3rd Monday in January) 
The value of combining both observances is to emphasize the religious freedom component of our hard-fought-for civil liberties, and to help empower students and teachers to respect, protect and exercise their religious freedoms.

January 17, 2011 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. / Equality Day -  which some communities observe with aNational Day of Service, MLK/Equality Day is observed here in Cheyenne with a variety of activities which will be listed once they are publicized.


This past year, the idea of burning the Qur’an during 9/11 created an outrage among many within our community and across the nation.  But what does the Qur’an actually say?  

Is it really as oppressive as its critics claim?  Come learn and see for yourself.

Come read and learn about the Qur’an from our own Muslim scholar, Mohamed Salih.  Classes are on Saturdays from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm beginning January 29, and will be eight sessions held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne

Mohamed will give each participant a copy of the Qur’an for the class.   

http://www.uucheyenne.org/uucc_this_week.html     Course schedule

Saturday. February 19, 2011 Peace, Faith & Community - "Nets for Life"

St. Christopher's and St. Mark's together are sponsoring a day of Peace, Faith and Community to promote "Nets for Life" to help eradicate malaria in third world countries sponsored by Episcopal Relief and Development. There will be a lunch and entertainment from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM on February 19, 2011 at the Cheyenne Depot. 

Churches may sponsor a small round table for $200 or a large table for $250. 
Cost of individual tickets will be Adults - $24, Children ages 6-12 years - $12, and Children under 5 will be free. 

Seating is limited, so get your tickets early by calling Sylvia Stewart at 307-432-0848,
Margene Lyon (St. Christopher’s) at 307-638-9593, or Carla Rumsey (St. Matthew’s) at 307-399-2094.
Proceeds will go to 
ERD NetsforLife® campaign.
There will be spreakers from a variety of faith traditions at this event.

This event is gathering talent from the local multi-cultural communities as well as a diverse group of religious sectors for an afternoon of acceptance, education, food, and fun. Dan Zwonitzer will be the Master of Ceremony, and Triumph High School will be catering with International foods. The schedule of events follows:

11:30 - 12:00 Drum Circle - Jan and Bob Iron from Fort Collins 

Interfaith Blessing

12:05- 12:50 Lunch catered by Triumph High School

12:50 - 1:05 Singers

Episcopal Blessing- The Reverend Rick Veit

1:10 - 1:25 Speaker from Episcopal Relief & Development

Unitarian Blessing- The Reverend Dana Lightsey

1:30 - 1:45 Flores De Colores Dance Group

1:45 - 2:00 Cultural Performer

Interfaith Closing & Blessing

More information can also be found in the  St. Christopher's Newsletter for Feb 2011 and in the St. Marks's Newsletter for Feb 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011 - 3 PM - Rabbi Karz-Wagman's Installation Ceremony at Mt. Sinai Synagogue 

Installation Service for
Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman

Cheyenne’s first resident Rabbi in 22 years
Sunday, February 20, 3:00 pm

Mt Sinai Congregation
26 th 
& Pioneer Avenue
Reception follows.
Rabbi Karz-Wagman will be installed by 
Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor from New York and 
Marv Wolf, Mt Sinai President.
Many Clergy from the Cheyenne Interfaith Council
will participate in the Service.
Hear our vision for the next century of Mt Sinai, 
founded in 1910, the oldest synagogue in Wyoming.
Dynamic Music   by Rabbi Bretton-Granatoor (also a producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist); Daniel Karz-Wagman (Rabbi Harley and Barbara’s son, a professional musician from San Francisco, whose music may be found under "Dubsworth" on itunes and other music sites and soundcloud.com/dubsworth ); and Dennis Coelho (a Cheyenne musician and educator).

Rabbi Karz-Wagman practiced law in Los Angeles, before becoming a Rabbi in 1984. He has served three congregations as well as Hillels, Jewish communitieson college campuses, including in Boulder.He lives here with his wife, Barbara, who works for Wells Fargo Bank, and their two dogs.

Rabbi Bretton-Granatoor serves as Vice President - Philanthropy at the World Union for Progressive Judaism (Reform movement). A recognized expert in Interfaith relations, well-known lecturer, author of numerous articles and editor of two books, he served as national Director of Education and Interfaith Affairs for the Anti-Defamation League, as well as for the Reform Movement, and was the Senior Rabbi at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in NYC for eight years.

Mt Sinai Congregation 2610 Pioneer Ave.  307-634-3052

www.mtsinaicheyenne.org  info@mtsinaicheyenne.org  

February 27, 2011 - Poverty Simulation hosted by Connections Corner
For anyone not familiar with a Poverty Simulation, it is a chance for people who are not currently experiencing poverty to come and play the role of a family in poverty for 2 hours to gain a deeper understanding of the struggles families in poverty face. The event will take place on February 27 from 2:00-5:00 at Cheyenne Hills Church. I am attaching the invitation.
For more informarion contact: 
Stephanie Pyle, Executive Director stephanie@connectionscorner.org
Connections Corner
1400 East College Drive, CCI 125
Cheyenne, WY 82007
(307) 634-3333

February 28, 2011  DEADLINE for applications for Habitat for Humanity!  

Linked is some basic information that church and faith leaders should feel free to distribute to their communities and folks who would benefit from the information. One is a tri-fold brochure which outlines income guidelines and other basic criteria for a Habitat applicant. The other is an actual application.
Prof. Xu XIn, China's leading Jewish Studies Scholar, speaks in Laramie at  UW 1:20-2:35 p.m. Classroom Building 129  and 4:10 p.m. Classroom Building, Room 314

Studies is tremendously popular in China, despite the small numbers of Jews living there and the antireligious approach during the earliest years of the Peoples’ Republic of China and the Cultural Revolution. Prof. Xu has been a leading advocate for these studies, has translated many reference sources and textbooks. Largely through his endeavors, this field has grown exponentially in China over the past few years. 
Prof. Xu will speak about Chinese-Israel relations, in which his efforts played a small role, and will talk about the role of Religious Studies and the changing role of religion in the PRC while visiting the University of Wyoming campus.  
For more information conact  Seth Ward sward@uwyo.edu   http://www.uwyo.edu/sward/XuXin.htm

March 2 - June 8 2011
Jewish Fundamentals – Jewish Thought; Practice; History
with sessions on –

Mysticism/Kabbalah; Holocaust;

Israel; Ethics


Attend the entire class or choose your sessions.

No fees.  Donations requested.  Choice of readings.

Taught by Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman


12 Wednesdays, 7:00 to 8:30 pm, starting March 2


Mt Sinai Congregation
2610 Pioneer Avenue (corner 26th)






March 2, 9, 16, 30

April 6, 13, 20

May 4, 11, 18

June 1, 8 (Tikkun L’eil Shavuot – eve of 2nd day)



March 2; 9:  Jewish Thought – Roles of God & Man; Human Nature & Purpose of Human Life; Underlying Meanings of Prayers & Holidays


March 16; 30:  Jewish Practice – rituals for each day (kashrut); week (Shabbat); year (holiday cycle); life cycle & afterlife


April 6, 13:  Mysticism/ Kabbalah – increasingly popular form of Jewish thought and understanding the impact of Jewish practice.


April 20, May 4:  Holocaust History – lessons for today


May 11, 18: Israel – various perspectives of past and present history


June 1, 8:  Ethics – speech; relationships & sex; medical; business
March 3, 2011 until - June 8, 2011 

Learn to read and understand

Biblical (Prayerbook)


at Mt Sinai Congregation 


No fees.  Donations requested.  Fee for book.

Advance registration appreciated, but not at all required.


Introduction to Hebrew

taught by Jeff Weinstein

Thursdays, 6:00 to 7:00 pm, starting March 3

You will learn to read the letters and

to understand some basic vocabulary of prayer and Bible.


Intermediate Hebrew

taught by Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman

Wednesdays, 6:00 to 7:00 pm, starting March 3

You will become more fluent in reading and learn the meanings, and the meanings behind the meanings

of basic words of prayer and Bible.


Mt Sinai Congregation
2610 Pioneer Avenue (corner 26th)




March 10 - August 11, 2011  "From Just Surviving to Thriving" Workshop series
Presented by Stop Suicide Cheyenne in partnership with the WY Dept. of HealthGrace for 2 Brothers and theLaramie County Library.  These are free, one-hour long, stand alone workshops will be held monthly at the library starting March 10.

Six FREE Workshops 5:30-6:30 pm, Cottonwood Room  in the Laramie County Library

March 10 - Achieving Wellbeing

"There’s got to be more than this ..." You’ve probably said these very same words about something in your life. Maybe your career isn’t fulfilling, your relationship isn’t clicking, or you have a dream that just won’t come true. Wanting more is normal. It’s not selfish, and it’s not greedy. It just means you recognize the possibilities in life. We’ll discuss the three significant HAPPINESS FACTORS you can tap into to increase satisfaction, handle stress, and overcome adversity. Led by Lee Neeley, Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor, Laramie County School District #1.

April 14 - Emotional Intelligence

The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. It is an amazing journey - and you, alone, are responsible for the quality of it. This workshop will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your own Emotional Intelligence; identify what has worked, what has failed and what you are willing to change; learn to navigate life’s challenges while remaining calm; and increase self awareness. Led by Jeff Randall, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, F.E.Warren Air Force Base.

 May 12 - Navigating Life’s Potholes

Managing stress is all about taking charge: taking charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your schedule, your environment, and the way you deal with problems. The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation and fun – plus the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on. We will discuss how to accomplish this in today’s hectic lifestyle! Led by Dianne Lowe-Carpenter, L.C.S.W., Director of Counseling and Campus Wellness at Laramie County Community College.

June 9 - Riding Out the Perfect Storm

Rogue waves occur in the ocean when a number of physical factors, such as strong winds and fast currents, converge to create a perfect storm. Much like these rogue waves, problems in life can build to the point where a person feels like he or she is drowning in a sea of overwhelming emotions - helplessness, hopelessness and fear. Whether the perfect storm is yours or a loved one’s, this workshop will show you how to weather it. Panel discussion led by Lee Neeley, Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor, Laramie County School District #1.

July 14 - Letting the Sunshine In

Everyone gets the blues now and then. But when it lasts longer or hits harder, it’s OK to ask for help! And the encouraging news is that it can often be successfully treated. Learn effective tools to help you feel relaxed, rejuvinated, and on your way to letting the sunshine in. Led by Stephanie Wortman, L.C.S.W., Private Practice Psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and trauma.

August 11 - Reaching Out

Our presenters will discuss their real-life experiences with loss, working with people touched by suicide, and reaching out for help - and will share helpful resources. Led by James Ednie, Musician and Founder of Rock for Life Suicide Prevention and BJ Ayers, Executive Director of Grace for 2 BrothersThis workshop will be held in the Willow Room.

Funded with Federal Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Block Grant Funds.  (Wyoming SATP info)

Co-Partnered with Stop Suicide CheyenneWyoming Department of HealthGrace For 2 Brothers Foundation, and Laramie County Library.

For more information see brochure or contact: 
Kristi Leavitt
Community Relations Director
Peak Wellness Center
Mail - PO Box 1005, Cheyenne, WY  82003
Physical address - 510 W. 29th Street
Office - (307) 635-2753

March 29, 2011 - 7:00 PM  Greg Mortenson: Promoting Peace through Education at the Taco John's Events Center

Mr. Mortenson leads a worldwide drive to educate children especially girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Please look for more announcements about this event in the local newspaper and LCCC website.

Sponsored by Laramie County Community College
Taco John’s Events Center 
1530 West Lincolnway 
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Contact: Lisa Trimble
Phone: 307-432-1603
Ticket Prices: $5 students/$15 general public
To purchase tickets please call 307.433.0024 or 
purchase online. Seating is limited.

April 2, 9, 16, 23 - 2011  Interfaith Panel Discussions at LCCC from 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

These discussions are being sponsored by the LIFE (Learning in Fun Environments) Program

The panel will be comprised of: 

Rev. Bob Garrard from First Presbyterian Church

Mohamed Salih from Southeast Wyoming Islamic Center

Jason Bloomberg M.D. from Mt. Sinai Synagogue

Topics to be discussed are being determined.    Click Here for Brochure

April 17 - Palm Sunday

April 18 at sundown Passover (Jewish) begins and continues until sundown on April  25th  (26th for those who follow additional day observances in the Diaspora).

April 21 - Maundy (Holy) Thursday

April 22 - Good Friday

April 24 - Easter Sunday (Western Christianity - Roman Catholic, Anglican Communion, Protestant Churches, etc.)

April 24 - Easter Sunday (Orthodox Christianity - Eastern Orthodox Churches)

May 1 - 8, 2011 - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum "Days of Remembrance"
  Webmaster's note:  Please also see information about educational materials from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum .

Sunday, May 1 starts at 3:00 PM Interfaith Holocaust Commemoration at Mt. Sinai Synagogue

To honor and to find inspiration from

those who survived

those who resisted the Nazis and their collaborators

and those who rescued Jews and other potential victims


Heroes, Despite the Holocaust

An Interfaith Commemoration –


Sunday, May 1, 3:00 pm

Mt Sinai Congregation,

downtown Cheyenne (Pioneer and 26th)


Honor and find inspiration from the stories of two survivors, long time Cheyenne residents, Zoltan "Zollie" Gancz and Helen Zigmond.  Brother and sister, they personify the most powerful response to the tragic evil of the Nazis – a life lived well, with hope and faith, despite experiencing unspeakable horrors.


Listen to music by singers from Mt Sinai Synagogue, and musicians from the Unitarian Universalist Church. 


Learn from stories of rescue and resistance, readings, and poems, read by Ministers and Public Officials


View a museum quality poster display, in the hope that remembering the past will heal divisions and help prevent future atrocities. 


Enjoy a reception, after our program, and learn about what you can do to encourage Holocaust education in Wyoming. 
Responses to our recent recession showed frightening parallels to Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s. “The Holocaust was not an accident in history … It occurred because individuals, organizations and governments made choices that not only legalized discrimination but that allowed prejudice, hatred, and, ultimately, mass murder to occur.”  (The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C.,www.ushmm.org).  

Darfur, the Congo, and domestic violence provide a few examples of parallels in recent years.  Join us to protest evil and injustice, and to promote resistance, respect, caring, and love.


Presented by the Cheyenne Interfaith Council, the Holocaust Education Committee
and Mt Sinai Congregation.

To learn more, contact Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman at
rabbi@mtsinaicheyenne.org or 910-431-9976.


For those who suffered, for people of today,

for the children of tomorrow, WE MUST NEVER FORGET.

Tuesday, May 3 starting at
 11:00 AM - Governor's Holocaust Memorial,in the Herschler Building in Room B-63

Please join us Tuesday, May 3, 11:00 am, for the Annual Governor’s Holocaust Remembrance Ceremonyfeaturing eyewitness testimony by Holocaust survivor Estelle Nadel. We will meet in the Herschler Building, Room B-63, on 25th and Carey, downtown Cheyenne.  The event is free and open to the public.


Governor Matt Mead and Cheyenne Mayor Richard Kaysen will offer reflections, as will Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman of  Mt Sinai Congregation.  Candles will be lit byHolocaust survivors, who live in Cheyenne.  Readings and Music accompany our program.



Featured Speaker:  Holocaust Survivor Estelle Nadel, who grew up in Poland. When she was 7, the Nazis arrested, and later murdered, her father and sister.  Estelle hid, with her mother and brother, Stephan, in an attic for six months, when her mother was caught by the Gestapo, and killed.  Three months later, Estelle and Stephan were caught and jailed, but, remarkably, escaped. They connected with other family and hid in another attic for two more years, until liberation by the Soviets in 1945.


She told Douglas Brown of the Denver Post in 2009:  People need to remember what can happen when others demonize races or ethnicities or religions. When the stories remain crystalline, maybe the world will see fewer genocides."    Click here to read that interview


She devotes a tremendous effort to educate as many people as possibile about what she experienced in the hope that it will help others to understand that the Holocaust really did happen and that all people have a responsibility to prevent it from happening again.    The articles at the following links chronicle some of her efforts: Colorado Public Television , Speaking at Colorado University Colorado State University Denver Catholic Register , Speaking to 8th Graders in Thousand Oaks, CA 


Estelle and her husband Fred now live in Westminster, Colorado. They have three sons.  She also sometimes participates as a soloist with the Colorado Hebrew Chorale.


Program coordinated by the Holocaust Education Committee and Mt Sinai Congregation, with theOffice of Governor Matt Mead.

Wednesday, May 4 - 11:30 AM - Holocaust Memorial Luncheon at F.E. WAFB (Warren Air Force Base).  Members of Mt. Sinai Synagogue please contact Phyllis Bloomberg for more information and to sign up. - Webmaster's editorial note: "This listing is for informational purposes only and is not an open invitation.  It is an event by and for members of the Armed Services.   The service men and women of WAFB have kindly extended an invitation to participate to Cheyenne's Jewish Community, and in particular those who are Holocaust Survivors and Mt. Sinai Congregation's World War II veterans for obvious reasons.  The Jewish Community of Cheyenne participates as an acknowledgment of appreciation to those who serve to defend the freedoms we enjoy and in particular to remember those Allied Soldiers of all the Armed Services who were injured or lost their lives in World War II.  We would not be here today were it not for their sacrifices. We would not have the future were it not for those who continue to serve now. Freedom is not free.  As it states at the main entrance of V.A. hospitals 'The Price of Freedom is Visible Here.' "

May 5 & 19, June 2 & 16, 2011 from 7- 8:30 p.m. "INTERFAITH DISCUSSION SERIES: ABRAHAM, A JOURNEY TO THE HEARTS OF THREE FAITHS" at the Laramie County Library

Join in a discussion series of the book, “Abraham: A Journey to the Hearts of Three Faiths.” Delve into a fascinating study of Abraham from various viewpoints. Each discussion will be led by a leader from a different faith. Sponsored by Cheyenne Interfaith Council. (Adults, Sunflower Room, 3rd floor)  More information at: http://lclsonline.org/  and http://artsalliancecheyenne.com/c/events/

Mark Elliot, Rabbi Karz-Wagman,  Rev. Rodger McDaniel, and Mohamed Salih will provide an interfaith discussion on the book "Abraham" by Bruce Feiler.  The book is available at Barnes and Noble, and the Cornerstone bookstores.  This program was organized and coordinated by the generous efforts of John Peacock, who has been and continues to be a long time supporter of the Cheyenne Interfaith Council and its efforts.

May 5 - Speaker will be Mark Elliot a distinguished local scholar who teaches about Biblical origins from historical, archeological, athropological, and sociological perspectives.
May 19 - Speaker will be Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman of Mt. Sinai Synagogue presenting perspectives from some Jewish traditions
June 2 - Speaker will be Rev. Rodger McDaniel of Highlands Presbyterian Church presenting perspectives from some Christian traditions
June 16 -Speaker will be Mohamed Salih of Southeast Wyoming Islamic Center presenting perspectives from some Muslim traditions

May 13, 2011 - Cheyenne Day of Giving

What is the Cheyenne Day of Giving?

It is a non-profit organization led by Cheyenne congregations and supported by business and community groups. Its focus is on providing an opportunity for the people in the Cheyenne area to come together in an effort to help the sick and the economically disadvantaged.  

For more information also see their flier at this link.

Some of the organizations helped by the Cheyenne Day of Giving are:

  • Family Promise of Cheyenne served 41 homeless individuals for a total of 4753 meals and 2099 bed nights in host congregations in 2009. 

  • Comea House served 35,146 meals and provided 17,573 bed nights last year. 

  • Needs gave away enough food for 383,220 meals in 2009. They served 25,548 clients, who are allowed to come once a month for food. 

  • Safehouse Services sheltered 191 individuals for 4034 bed nights in 2009 and assisted 579 people with 3233 services, including food boxes and transportation. They also provided help to women and children setting up new apartments in a safe environment. 

  • Salvation Army in 2010 is serving lunch to 75-85 people each day, usually including 4 to 5 toddlers. They are also giving away more and more food boxes as the economy continues to struggle. 

  • Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless served 1,580 people in 2009 and is on track to serve more this year. 

  • Magic City Enterprises, Inc. helping develop mentally disabled and mentally ill or fragile.

  • Home Away From Home served over 2,000 people in 2010

  • St. Joseph's Food Pantry (sorry - no web site to link)


May 16 - June 24, 2011 at the Laramie County Public Library    
 Exhibition, May 16 - June 24, Entrance Gallery     

(If you want to see more interviews of Maurice Sendak "click" on the "You Tube" button in the toolbar of the viewer above)

Reception & Wild Thing Booksigning
Monday, May 16, 5:30pm, Cottonwood Room (Adults & Families)
"Wild Thing" Moishe meets Cheyenne's Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman 
Sendak Film Night
Tuesday, June 7, 6pm, Cottonwood Room (Adults)

How the Holocaust Changed 
Sendak and Changes Us Today
Wednesday, June 15, 7pm, Sunflower Room (Adults) also see article related to topic
Jewish Genealogy Research
Monday, June 20, 7pm, Cottonwood Room (Adults)
May 22, 2011 - Two Events:
10:00 AM - Noon - at Highlands Presbyterian Church   Matteo Pistono has an incredible story to tell. He has told it in his acclaimed book In the Shadow of the Buddha…
Come and hear about his spiritual journey from being an altar boy in Lander, Wyoming to becoming a Tibetan Buddhist…and about Matteo’s important role in uncovering human rights abuses in Tibet  - Admission is Free   For more information see flier  
and after nourishing your mind and spirit, then head over to Mt. Sinai Synagogue to give your taste buds a treat ...
not only is Admission Free, but there will be wonderful food, live Klezmer Music, Israeli Folk Dancing, synagogue tours, Shofar demonstrations, an opportunity to meet Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman and get answers to some of the question you may have about Judaism but hadn't had the opportunity to ask.  For more info see the attached flier and for the latest information about this event visit the
Mt Sinai Congregation website at: 
May 24, 2011  Meeting of The Partnership to End Homelessness
10:30 AM
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

May 31, 2011  Memorial Day (Webmaster's note: We take time to remember those who gave their lives in the service this nation.  The freedoms we have today would not exist without them).