Where We Stand

Public Positions taken by this organization either in writing or with actions with the purpose of  "Bringing hope and understanding to our community as we respectfully embrace our diverse sense of sacredness."

We Stand Together
When one of our member faith communities' places of worship is attacked, we all are attached.  We help each other rebuild.
When threats are made to desecrate sacred texts or ritual objects of one of our member communities, we are all threatened.   We stand with those who are being attacked.
When any of our member communities is vilified, stereotyped, or scapegoated, we stand together in opposition to such evil words.
WTE - Op Ed 3-30-2011 "Scapegoating Muslims stirs up fear, hatred"

We stand together against domestic violence.  We recognize it is a problem found within every faith community and exists across all socioeconomic lines.  We must work together to address this blight.   We support the efforts of the Battered Bride Project on Domestic Violence Awareness and pray you will too. 

Wyoming 2-1-1 service is available statewide by dialing 2-1-1 during normal business hours and online anytime at www.wyoming211.org

With Wyoming 2-1-1, callers can receive referrals for:

Basic needs: Food, clothing, shelter, temporary financial assistance, transportation, disaster.
Physical and mental health resources: Crisis intervention, prenatal care, support groups, counseling, drug and alcohol intervention, rehabilitation, children's health insurance programs.

Financial stability: Employment referral services, Earned Income Tax Credits, WIC, credit counseling, food stamps, rent and utility assistance, unemployment benefits, job training, education programs.

Support for older Americans and persons with disabilities: Home health care, adult day care, congregate meals, Meals on Wheels, respite care, transportation, homemaker services.
Support for children, youth and families: Childcare, after-school programs, family resource centers, summer camps, recreation programs, mentoring, tutoring, literacy programs, protective services.

Support for community crisis or disaster recovery: 2-1-1 systems in other states have proven valuable in disaster relief efforts. The ability to respond and assist will be developed as funding allows.

Changing the Way You Find Help

2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember telephone number that connects callers, at no cost, to information about critical health and human services available in communities around Wyoming. Information and Referral Specialists are available to help you by calling 2-1-1 or cell phone users/PBX phone systems may need to dial 888-425-7138 Monday through Friday, during normal business hours.

Please remember IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY which requires and EMERGENCY response by PoliceFire, or Emergency Medical Services call 9-1-1, not 2-1-1.   9-1-1 is ONLY for immediately life or limb threatening emergencies, not information services. 

 Changes will be made as more information becomes available. 
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